Monday, February 25, 2013

You can call me a time wasting professional!

This blogging business is tricky! Finding time in my oh-so-busy (or time wasting) day is hard work!

The Facebook IPO is a great reminder of how much money there is to be made on helping people waste their lives.

Any tips??
Deleting facebook could be the best time saver!

I am still on the house hunt.. that in itself is so damn frustrating. I'm hoping I will win lotto (preferably in the next couple of months) so I can buy that great big mansion that I have had my eye on for some time. Keep dreaming Clare, keep dreaming!

I have BIG plans for Charli and I to get our own place.. But that's all on hold until we actually find one, and one that's suitable. Maybe I am too picky?! Maybe I am scared after having that constant support from my parents?! Or maybe there are only pieces of crap for rent, that I would rather not have to call 'home'.

So in the next few months I have some goals (pffffft goals, what are they ?!)
If I write them on here then I sorta have to stick to them or at least keep you all updated on my progress.
Most of them are straightforward.
And most of them I would say on a daily basis 'I really need to start....'
I sound like a skipping record!

Here we go:

1) Part A: Do some exercise - lets start at 2 times a week! And I'm talking sweating, puffing, red in the face and put a little effort in sorta exercise! Starting small and working up is the way to go. Baby steps I reckon!
I do dream of attempting the Michelle Bridges 12 wk thingy! I'm terrible at commitment!

1) Part B: Eat HEALTHY, not rubbish. I love food. Whats wrong with me????

2) Complete my immunisation course. I'm enrolled to start on the 1st of March. 1 hour a night, 5 nights a week.... for FIVE WEEKS! This is the test to see if I can commit to post grad study. Hmmmmmmmmm again lets start with baby steps.

3) Find a house for Charli and I. I am a good person and I'm reliable, trustworthy and honest. I have a job, good references, and a uni degree!! But when it comes down to it, who wants to rent there house to a single mum. Australians don't stereotype do they??
But everyone keeps saying 'you'll find something' and 'something perfect will pop up, just be patient'.... Well??! I'm waiting!!

4) Go on a date! HAHA.... This is a long term goal!! Whats a date again?!! Maybe I should change that to - Join the CWA so I can do more sewing/craft/things I enjoy (I'm being serious). Hmmmmmm I need to get out more! I

5) Use my surfboard I got for Christmas.. I am scared/petrified/shitting myself. I have to book in and get myself some lessons! Watch out Layne!!!

I'm finishing at 5. If i over commit myself with too many goals I will never achieve them! Lets get off the Internet and use some of Charli's sleep time productively. I'm going to attempt to make a baby shower gift!

Have a nice day,
Clare x

(Attempting to link up with Essentially Jess - IBOT)


  1. Oh wishing you all the best with your endeavours, especially the house one! Fingers crossed for you. You'll be brave jumping into the surf. I'm a buck-buck-b-kak! #teamIBOT

  2. Love your goals and they sound achievable!
    I'd love to learn how to surf one day, but alas there is not enough surf in Darwin :(

  3. loving your goals!! spark is my word for the year, and these are some definite good fire starters:) happy to have met you clare...and charli. thanks for entering my giveaway:) good luck.


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