Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stills: A weekly collection

I'm jealous of everyone that can take amazing photos!

And I came across Rachael at Pretty Pink Peony who had linked up with The Beetle Shack's Stills: A Weekly Collection. And all I can say is WOW!

My photos don't even come close to these ladies beautiful and amazing photos but I would like to join in anyway! I would love to take a photography course in the not to distant future (any recommendations??!), as I'm still using my DSLR camera on auto mode (add that to my to-do-list, together with surfing lessons and learning the guitar! The list goes on and on).

Some (iPhone) photos of the week.

1. An early morning play down at the foreshore. I now call Busselton, W.A my home. And have the beautiful jetty and Indian Ocean on my doorstep. Very lucky indeed.
2 & 3. Lots of running and playing on the beach calls for a babychino on the lawn! Very relaxed look you have going on there Charli!
4. A gift I received in the mail. Not sure if I'm looking forward to reading it or if I should be scared at whats to come?! Has some great reviews.
5. Someone would rather push themselves! Long walks with no time limit are the best. Exploring and learning along the way.
6. This letter box is just around the corner from my place and looks great in contrast to the black sky (if only I could take amazing photos to really show the colours)... Oh and we didn't get wet walking home!
7. I found these two doll cradles at a local op shop and have already given them a couple of coats of white paint since taking this photo. The plan is to give them another coat of paint, make them a mattress and buy a doll to go in each and they will be for Charli and my niece Sophie for Christmas (plenty of time to finish them!)
8 & 9 & 10. Study with a toddler turns into painting nails with the highlighter. Study was not very successful.
11. (Instagram pic) We made an Easter tree! Simple and cute.
12. (Instagram pic) I love quotes. This one is very true.
Clare x

The Beetle Shack

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  1. You have such gorgeous colour in those photos!! How cute is your little one and I love that first photo - the jetty is amazing. xxx


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