Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Look Good, Feel Better

Being sick last week, stuck in bed for a couple of days and just feeling blahhhhh.. Makes me think about how much we take our health for granted. I've been slack on the exercise front (I spent $200+ on some Lorna Jane clothes and am yet to put them to use - I even ordered them online, hmmmmm talk about slack. But hey its hard going shopping with a 15 month old, so that's my excuse! Yep sadly I'm always full of excuses).

I consider myself pretty healthy, exercise regularly (sorta), eat healthy (sorta), don't smoke, drink rarely (post baby habits, not pre baby habits).. But why do I feel so damn lazy at the best of times? I'm always bloody tired, would loveeeee to sleep in past 7am.. Come 2pm I find myself yawning. And I'm such a procrastinator. Is that a normal thing?

Reading up, I found the Look Good, Feel Better wellness program. Have a read, but basically it's aimed at women who are going through chemotherapy or radiation... And what more can I say but W-O-W what a bunch of inspirational people they are. Illness comes in such different forms, but cancer i believe always comes with very strong connotations, it definitely hits a strong note with me. And after reading some of the stories it really does surprise (and impress) me at the positive outlook these people have. 
Positivity sure comes a long way don't you think? These people are facing an uphill battle yet they just go about it with such a great outlook.
Really puts your own life into perspective and makes me realise how good I have it - a happy and healthy daughter, loving family and friends, an education and job, and just as importantly - my own health.
Do you sometimes sit back and realise how lucky you are? And think about what you have to be thankful for?

Doesn't it just make your day when a stranger smiles and says hello? It makes my day.. 

Have you smiled today?!!
Smiling is definitely contagious - share a smile :)

Clare x

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